August 9, 2010

Ndaru and Eko Wedding

Ndaru is a friend, a traveller, a photographer, and a photography-club activist (she is secretary of id-strobist and active member of major photography club in Jakarta). Her wedding with mas Eko was held in Tanah Tinggal, beautiful Jombang area covered with well maintain forest area. This is some pics from that wedding. Photographed by Me and my Wife..
Congrats for both of you.. :)

May 6, 2010

Mikhaela Baptism

Mikhaela is a daughter of Ellen and Bintang. Ellen is my best friend from the Japanese company i used to work some years ago. So its a pleasure to have a shoot on their first child baptism ceremony. Located at St.Anna church the ceremony was held about only 2 hour. After which I pray (not in the church of course) that I'll have a daughter or son too.. hehehehe... :)

March 18, 2010

Maya & Andrys Candid

Congratulation for Mba Maya and Mas Andrys.. you made it!! 
The Wedding was held in Magelang, featuring song performer by Indonesian artist name Ade (from Domino band) witch is still a younger brother of mas Andrys. The wedding party was held beautifully. Start in the morning with "akad nikah" then continue with the wedding reception until around 03 PM. This is some photo from that wedding

March 17, 2010

Maya & Andrys Prewedding

Mba Maya (yes I call her "mba" 'cos she is my cousin in law and  older than me..hehehe.) and Mas Andrys prewedding photo start around 06.00PM with the plan in mind to catch the sunset. By the time we arrive at the beach we still can see the sunset, but we cannot start taking pictures, since we are stuck in my car looking around for parking lot.! Unfortunately the sunset was gone by the time we are ready. :(
But, no sunset... no problem..!! We are still having fun during photo session in the dark (there is not enough light to take pictures) and then move our location from beach area to mall area.
This is some pictures of them.

March 15, 2010

Anindita & Azhar Candid

Happy wedding for Anindita and Azhar, I really wish you all the best..!!
By the time I post this photos, i think  both of you still doing fun in your honeymoon.
Happy Honeymoon then..!  :D
This is some of candid moment from your wedding...

March 14, 2010

Anindita & Azhar Prewedding

Azhar is a friend of mine since we are in colege. Now he study in for Doctoral degree in Germany.. (way to go my Friend!! I never think you could get that high..hahaha.. :D ).
Last January he sent massage in my FB about planing on prewedding photo session with me. The massages continuous until before he arrive in Jakarta on 8 March.
On 9 march we do the prewedding photo session, even-though Azhar still on "jet-lag" condition, we must continue because it's H-5 from the wedding date!
This is a good moeslem photo prewedding, so there is absolutely no kissing, hugging, and etc. It's forbiden for doing that things before mariage. Ask your "ustad" for that matter..hehehe. :p
The photo session was fun, both the groom and bride are very well cooperate.
thanks Azhar, thanks Nin..!

March 12, 2010

We are moving Here!

Since our previous webiste in multiply ( ) lack of improvement and update, so we decide to move our new post about photography here.
We try to updete this website as soon as we finish some photo session or something like that :p.
Hope you will enjoy this site..

Cheers ^_^ ,
Danang jaya